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With eight locations in the great state of Iowa, we serve clients across the country through three core service areas:


Guidance to make smart financial decisions for the future of your business and family.


Strategies and advice to preserve your assets and minimize taxes.


Expertise and diligence to ensure quality and transparency in your financial reports.

Empowering Business Owners for Greater Financial Success

Owning a small business or leading a nonprofit organization is challenging; small business failure rates are high and nonprofit funding sources are constantly at risk. Small businesses and nonprofit organizations contribute to our communities through economic growth, new innovations and community involvement. Business owners and nonprofit leaders deserve a CPA who takes time to understand their goals and guides them towards achieving them through thoughtful explanations and valuable insights. We’re proud to provide hundreds of small businesses and nonprofit organizations with information and proactive guidance to make smart financial decisions.

Smarter Financial Decisions Can Be Simple:







Supporting Business Owners in Iowa & Beyond Since 1975

“Before working with TDT, I didn’t feel well-versed in the audit process and our organization’s expectations, but they provided me with great clarity about auditing nonprofits. TDT makes me feel comfortable asking questions and I always receive great answers in plain-English. We’ve had a consistent team work with us from the beginning, and we’ve built a strong, personal relationship with them. TDT always makes us feel like we are a priority.”

Emily Blomme, CEO of Foundation 2 Crisis Services

“Like a lot of nonprofits with a small staff, we wanted to improve our Internal control structure and segregate duties to reduce risk. TDT helped us understand how to best use our available resources and implement additional mitigating controls to make up for that. By putting a new process in place, we built confidence with our donors, board members and trustees. I have a hard time imagining using anyone besides TDT for our audit; they understand how complex our organization is, and we have built a great relationship with our TDT team over the years.”

Nancy Duncan, Executive Vice President & CFO of Trees Forever

“TDT has a very personal feel. Our relationship with TDT feels like we are working with a smaller firm, but they have multiple offices with team members in different specialties, so they have a lot of resources. If there is someone we’re working with who isn’t an expert in one area, there is someone else at TDT who we can pull in to assist.”

Ryan Miller, President of Farmers Hen House

“When I first started my business 30 years ago, I knew very little  about taxes, succession planning, insurance, or banking, so I put together a strong team of experts, including TDT, to support me in those critical areas. This team of experts was the key If I have a topic to discuss with my bank, I would go to TDT and they would work with my bank to provide their expertise from the tax perspective to help resolve the issue. When I want to make a change within my business or personal finances, my TDT team would provide me with a variety of scenarios to consider when making those decisions. Our continuing  partnership with TDT and our other experts  has been critical to our successes in this ever-changing environment.”

Jeff Schebler, President of TSF Structures, Inc

“As a small business that has expanded and changed quite a bit over the years, we began to need adjustments to our accounting and business practices. Frustrated because we didn’t feel like we had the depth of information we needed to make good business decisions, we connected with TDT.  They helped us put in place practices and get the level of detail we needed. I gained confidence in our systems and had a much more accurate business perspective as the net result. I was greatly encouraged having TDT there to guide us through the process. They took the time to assess where we were and gain a complete understanding of our business before they offered guidance and answers… and that was exactly what I needed.”

Tim Hunter, Executive Director of Keys to Living Counseling Center