Has anyone ever asked you what your “why” is?  Why do you get up in the morning, why are you passionate about your hobbies or why do you love your career?  I had never really considered what my answer to these why questions were until recently.  I’ve always known that I loved business and accounting, but why do I love accounting?   After much thought, my “why” is that my gift as an accountant allows me to help people.  I find great joy in helping clients see new growth, answer tough questions and secure peace of mind for their futures.

TD&T has recently embarked on a new training journey, focused on answering not only our “why” but helping our clients also answer their “why.”  As we begin to understand our clients “why,” we will then be able to use that information as the foundation focused on providing decision support.  With new tools and knowledge, we’ll be able to further become strategic partners with our clients. The culmination of the six-month program will result in 16 team members becoming Level 5 Certified Advisors at the end of 2017.  The Level 5 training is provided by Edi Osborne with Mentor Plus.  Edi is a recognized leader within the business management and accounting fields and we are looking forward to working with her!

The training program is divided into five levels, each intended to move an organization from having not only accurate information, but relevant information.

Level 1 – Technical Foundation: Audit and accounting, tax preparation

Level 2 – Thorough Analysis: Consideration of “what if” scenarios and other critical ratios

Level 3 – Future Focus: What does the roadmap to the future look like?

Level 4 – Link to Performance: Financial goals are linked to business activity and outcomes measured

Level 5 – Continuous Improvement: Monitoring of critical activities and strategic business activities

As you can see, this is a very exciting new adventure we are starting and I’m looking forward to learning more about connecting the “why” and further developing relationships focused on continuous improvement.  Let’s join together on this new journey and discover your “why!”