TD&T CPAs and Advisors, P.C. is eager to share some very exciting news; we are launching our new corporate logo and updating our firm name to “TDT CPAs and Advisors, P.C.” by removing the ampersand (&). The new logo and name change symbolize the continuous efforts of TDT to move forward as a firm in what we do for our clients and be future-looking in our practices.

Our new logo features our new name, as well as three diamonds in the shape of an arrow. Each diamond represents different areas of our firm coming together with the common goal of assisting clients in reaching their goals and planning for their futures. The arrow denotes continuous development, progression, and advancing both our staff and clients forward.

Though our name and logo are changing, everything else will remain the same. These changes have been made to update our look and simplify our brand, but we are still the same firm and these changes will have no impact on our staff, resources, or quality of service.

“We are very excited to share TDT CPAs and Advisors’ new logo and updated name as we continue to modernize and strengthen our brand,” said Jerry Kirkpatrick, TDT’s Managing Principal. “Our new name and logo reflect our goals of helping clients prepare and plan for their future. These changes will further exemplify who we are as a Firm and our mission ‘to be a leading professional services firm by delivering innovative business solutions to our clients, investing in our employees, and serving our communities.’”

We will be making this transition slowly; the new logo and name will be rolled out onto all physical materials and online sources over the next 12 months as we transition from our previous logo.

We invite you to reach out with questions regarding the changes being made. We also welcome you to share our exciting news with your friends and family by checking out our social media pages below.

-Jerry Kirkpatrick, Managing Principal