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Be Better. This is one of our core values at TDT CPAs and Advisors. At TDT, our goal is to continuously improve every day so we can better serve our clients, communities, and be the best team members possible.

As we begin a new year, resolutions that include the goal to “Be Better” in some way give us goals that are relevant and achievable. There are many ways for anyone to “Be Better”: develop an exercise routine, master a new skill, or set a new financial goal.

One of my favorite ways to “Be Better” is through reading books. I enjoy a variety of book genres, including self-improvement, history, and action. Here are two books I read last year that I highly recommend.

  1. Free to Focus: A Total Productivity System to Achieve More by Doing Less* by Michael Hyatt. If you need assistance help planning and organizing your workday and personal time, this book will help cut out distractions so you can use your workweek wisely. I also recommend the companion Full Focus Planner to keep you on track. 
  2. Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans: The Battle That Shaped America’s Destiny* by Brian Kilmeade and Don YeagerThis book is an excellent piece about one of the most important battles in American history. Clearly outnumbered, Andrew Jackson’s American forces won the Battle of New Orleans against the British and secured America’s independence forever. Find out Andrew Jackson’s strategy and how he strived to “be better.”

How will you “Be Better” in 2020?