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COVID has given many of us a new perspective on life. Additional time spent at home with family, fewer activities, and an overall less hurried lifestyle has given us the opportunity to rethink things. With vaccines coming, we are now looking at returning to “normal.” What does that mean for you? Do you jump right back into the crazy busy, never enough time to get things done lifestyle? Or is there a better way?

What if you could focus only on the things that you are passionate about and really good at and let others on your team handle the rest? Less busywork, less tasks you dread! Wouldn’t that be a great new “normal”?

Start Getting The Right Things Done

Not all work is created equal; to help manage our tasks and focus on what is most important, we utilize a tool called the Freedom Compass™, which Michael Hyatt presents in his Free to Focus* book.

The Freedom Compass™ categorizes tasks into categories on a continuum of our passion and proficiency in each task.

The primary four quadrants are:

  • Desire Zone – Things we are both passionate about and proficient in
  • Distraction Zone – Things we are passionate about but not proficient in
  • Disinterest Zone – Things we are proficient in but not passionate about
  • Drudgery Zone – Things we are neither passionate about nor proficient in


The goal is to spend as much time as possible in your Desire Zone. This is where you can be most impactful and where you will be most fulfilled. But how do you get there?? Tasks will naturally fall into the other categories and still need to get done. Before just diving back into the old normal, stop and think…

  • Does the task even need to be done?
  • Can it be eliminated?
  • Can it be automated?
  • Can it be delegated?

We’ve found that by utilizing the strengths of those on our team or even outside of our company, what may be in my Drudgery Zone or Disinterest Zone is in someone else’s Desire Zone! That horrible task I dread each month may be something that brings true joy to someone else.

By taking the time to inventory your tasks and those of your team, and by understanding each member of your team’s skills and passions, you can all become stronger and happier. We work with companies to help them do just that – a project we call Process Optimization.

Before you jump right back into the old “normal” busy, overwhelmed life, take the time to evaluate your tasks. You can get back to the work that you love without sacrificing the new normal you desire.

Monica Sullivan, CPA and Partner at TDT, brings more than 23 years in diverse tax, financial, and business consulting experience to the firm. Monica specializes in serving privately held companies and their owners through comprehensive tax planning including significant experience in individual, corporate, partnership, estate and gift and trust taxation.