Taxable Limit Bases & Rates

  • Social Security wage base $147,000; rate 6.2%
  • Medicare wage base unlimited; rate 1.45%
    • Additional Medicare tax 0.9% on wages in excess of $200,000
  • Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA) wage base $7,000; rate 0.6%
  • Iowa unemployment tax wage base $34,800
    • You should have received a notice of your 2022 rate in early December.  If we prepare your payroll taxes, please bring this notice to us.
  • The New 2022 Tax Withholding Table can be found here

New Employee Information

Click HERE to download our “New Employee Packet” including W-4 and many forms necessary for employees.

If you only need a federal or Iowa W-4 form, here are the direct links to the most current forms: Federal;  Iowa