Team Prompts: What kind of teammates do we want to attract? What characteristics do we all share? How does our organization cultivate a winning culture? What is our compensation philosophy? What does our benefits package look like? Why are prospective employees attracted to our company? What does our office environment look like?
Service Prompts: What problems will we solve for our clients next? What do we want to offer? What results do our services create? What value do our services deliver? Who do our services help? What's the client experience like? How do we choose what to create and offer? What makes our services superior to our competitors?
Firm Impact Prompts: What are our results? How do our industry peers and competitors think of us? How do we hope that growth in our organization will impact our team?
Sales & Marketing Prompts: What markets do we serve? How large is our customer base? How do we reach our customer base? How do we reach our ideal prospective client? What's the lifetime value of a client? What's our philosophy of sales and marketing? How do we see our sales and marketing teams operating?
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