Assurance Services

Present Your Financials with Confidence

Expertise and Diligence to Ensure Quality and Transparency in Your Financial Reports

Financial statements reveal a lot about a business or organization. Readers of financial statements, such as lenders, investors, and grantors, use financial information to make decisions. Those decisions can significantly impact your success – they determine whether you will get the loan, capital, or grant funds needed to grow your business or organization. So, it’s important for your financial statements to accurately present your financial condition and the results of your operations. We understand keeping up with accounting, reporting and compliance standards is challenging and expensive. Our audit approach includes sharing our expertise through training, guidance, and examples, so you understand how to properly present your financial information.

Do I Need a Financial Audit?

Third parties, owners and boards often require an audit, or another assurance engagement, to provide some level of assurance regarding your financial information. They need to know whether they can rely on your financial information. Audits are the highest level of assurance a CPA can provide on your financial statements, but there are several other options, as well. We focus on understanding your goals, concerns and/or any third-party reporting requirements, so we can help you understand your options. You choose the service option that best fits your needs and budget.

Need Help Evaluating the Options?







Assurance Engagement Options Include:

  • Audit
  • Review
  • Compilation
  • Examination
  • Agreed Upon Procedures

Get a Guide to Selecting the Right Scope of Service

You need accurate financial records, but there are many levels of service to choose from. Evaluate your service options and needs using our guide to selecting the right scope of service for you.

Already Know What Assurance Service You Need?

Have you already done your research and know what level and scope of assurance service you need? To bypass the consultation phase, inquire about specific assurance services from TDT by submitting an RFP.

Download our Guide on 3 Ways to Prepare for a Smooth Audit

In order for the financial assurance process to be successful, perform your due diligence by getting your financial records in order.

Do You Need a Specific or Specialized Engagement?

Special funding sources often come with specialized reporting and compliance requirements. Those requirements are typically challenging to navigate, but crucial to comply with. You need an auditor who understands the requirements you are under, as well as the reporting formats and timelines you must meet.

Our team specializes in several highly regulated and/or specialized reporting and compliance areas. Our in-depth knowledge and experience in these areas will help guide you through the process, so you can meet the requirements needed to secure your grant, loan, or tax credit funds.