TDT understands your need for practical experience at the beginning of your career.

“Being an intern at TDT has made a very positive impact on my educational journey. It was a joy to go to work every day and be around co-workers that are friendly, caring, and experienced, while also having the ability to work on challenging projects. Everyone I encountered was inviting, the environment is fun, and the work was a great learning experience. Overall, my experience at TDT has been one that will help carry me forward in my career.”

Sage, 2016 Summer Intern

Internship Opportunities

We provide internships as an opportunity for us to get to know you better and for you to get to know the firm better. Our primary goal for our internship program is to make full-time offers after the completion of the internship. We do not look at this program as a source of inexpensive labor or just getting interns through the program. We use this experience to see if you and TDT are good fit for each other.

At TDT, internships include:

  • Tax and Audit Experience –

    The opportunity to work in both tax and audit service areas to see what you enjoy the most and what best suits you.

  • Availability Year-round –

    Our internships are available anytime throughout the year (fall semester, spring semester or summer).

  • Professional Training –

    Our interns receive the same training as new entry level associates.

  • No Busy Work –

    Students work on real client projects, doing the same type of work as associates work on.

  • Group Projects –

    For each internship, we include at least one group project, working with interns and/or other associates. Students will present projects to a group of partners and managers at the conclusion of the internship.

Key Benefits for You:

  • Real, practical experience of what it’s like to work at TDT

  • Various service area options so you can see what’s the best fit for you

  • An on-site coach for mentoring and guidance

  • Encouragement to participate in any training or social events during your time as an intern

  • Professional technology provided for your use

  • Paid internship

  • Relocation possibilities—flexible with location placement

  • Culture of teamwork

  • Ability to work closely with partners and managers

Join TDT as an intern to start your career!