Positions at TDT set you up for a flourishing, successful career.

“As a TDT intern I instantly felt like I belonged to the team.  The friendly and inviting culture made jumping into a new experience a breeze. This internship sets you up to be successful by giving you the tools to truly learn. The best part about the learning experience was there was always someone there to guide you in a positive and encouraging way.”

Travis, 2017 Summer Intern

“Interning this summer at TDT has helped me gain valuable knowledge and experience. I made connections with professionals in the field, while also learning what path I would like to take in my own career. The people I worked with initiated a fun and friendly atmosphere, creating a great place to learn and grow professionally. It was a joy to show up to work every day surrounded by such great individuals. Altogether, my internship at TDT was well worth my time as I continue with the next steps in my learning.”

Kelsey, 2017 Summer Intern

“I had a great experience as an intern at TDT. Meeting and working with the other interns allowed me the opportunity to improve my communication skills and to work in a group setting. The real world and hands on projects that I was assigned have given me a better insight into what it is like to work for a CPA firm. I have gained many valuable skills by working on these projects. For example, I reinforced concepts that I learned in class and expanded my knowledge on these concepts by working on projects that gave me a chance to learn something new.”

Ashlyn, 2016 Summer Intern

“Being an intern at TDT has made a very positive impact on my educational journey. It was a joy to go to work every day and be around co-workers that are friendly, caring, and experienced, while also having the ability to work on challenging projects. Everyone I encountered was inviting, the environment is fun, and the work was a great learning experience. Overall, my experience at TDT has been one that will help carry me forward in my career.”

Sage, 2016 Summer Intern

“TDT was such a great place to transition from being a full-time college student to being a full-time employee, and now I can’t imagine being anywhere else. I have had room to grow as a member of the team and also as a person. I love that I get to work with so many different people in all ten offices and that I can thrive and make my own mark on the firm through the work that I’m doing.”

Caitlin, New Full-Time Member

“After first completing the summer internship program at TDT, I knew that I had a strong desire to remain with the firm. Now, after joining the firm, it has been such a positive and impactful opportunity as I have begun my career in accounting. The partners and staff have worked to put me in a great position to learn, grow, and succeed as a professional. The outstanding training I received and continue to receive in my first year has culminated into a much higher understanding of not only the different accounting software, but even accounting theory and principals. In all, the staff here at TDT have done just a tremendous job in not only welcoming me to the firm, but setting me up for a fulfilling career in accounting.”

Aaron, 2015 Summer Intern & New Full-Time Team Member