4 Steps to Seeking New Revenue Sources

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Amanda Lane, Tax Manager at TD&T CPAs and Advisors, P.C., provides an overview of managing sources of revenue. Amanda serves social service organizations, colleges and universities, membership organizations and many others throughout Iowa. Where to start? It’s true, all organizations, no matter the type, have one thing in common: they must manage their sources of [...]

5 Ways to Help Your Board Understand Financial Reports

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Glen Swanson, TD&T Assurance Manager, provides ideas on how to help those outside of the finance office gain a better grasp on your organization’s financial reports. When presenting financial reports to your board or to staff outside of the finance team, do you find a lot of drooping eyelids and confused looks? Unfortunately, many individuals [...]

Performance Measurement: Board of Director Composition

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  TD&T Tax Manager, Amanda Lane, CPA provides the first in our Performance Measurement Video Series. This week's episode is on the metric: Board Director Composition.

Internal Controls for Small Organizations

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Why Internal Controls are Important A survey conducted by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimates that all organizations lose an average of between five and six percent of their revenue to fraud every year.[i]  Applying this percentage to the nonprofit sector would suggest that the fraud loss may reach approximately $40 billion each year.[ii] [...]

Performance Management: One Solution to Unlock Results

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“Measure what is measurable and make measurable what is not so.”  Galileo  “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”  Peter   Envision the management team of a local nonprofit sitting down for their monthly meeting. The conversation goes something like this: Executive Director – “How did we do this month? What are the [...]

Four Financial Reports that will Help Your Board

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Glen Swanson, TD&T Assurance Manager, provides insight on the different types of financial reports and some of the ways your board can use them to improve your organization’s decision making. Boards play a vital role for many nonprofit organizations, including financial oversight. Review of financial reports should be a key agenda item at every board [...]