Are Your Event Sponsors Actually Advertising?

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Fake Dictionary, definition of the word sponsor. Event programs are a great way for nonprofits to share their story and give details about their event. They’re also a great way for nonprofits to bring in additional revenue. We’ve all seen sponsor information included in event programs, but have you ever questioned whether that [...]

Performance Measurement: Funds Available for Temporarily Restricted Net Assets

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  We provide the first in our Performance Measurement Video Series. This week's episode is on the metric: Funds Available for Temporarily Restricted Net Assets.

4 Steps to Seeking New Revenue Sources

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Where to start? It’s true, all organizations, no matter the type, have one thing in common: they must manage their sources of revenue to survive. With government cut-backs and tax reform, it’s important to understand what steps can be taken to continue to seek out new sources and manage the sources you have. Without revenue, [...]

How the New Tax Legislation May Affect Charitable Giving

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The recently approved tax reform has many implications for American taxpayers, including those who are charitably inclined.   Previous tax law provided a deduction to those who donated to charity while also being able to itemize his or her deductions.  Although the overhaul to the tax law did not directly change the deduction for donating to [...]

Performance Management: One Solution to Unlock Results

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“Measure what is measurable and make measurable what is not so.”  Galileo  “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”  Peter   Envision the management team of a local nonprofit sitting down for their monthly meeting. The conversation goes something like this: Executive Director – “How did we do this month? What are the [...]

Using your Form 990 as a Marketing Tool

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Amanda Lane, Tax Manager at TD&T CPAs and Advisors, P.C., provides an overview of using your Form 990 as a marketing tool.  Amanda serves social service organizations, colleges and universities, membership organizations and many others throughout Iowa.   It’s Just a Tax Return, Right? The short answer is no.  As an informational return, the Form [...]

Budgeting For Funding

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Fundraising plays an essential role in helping nonprofit organizations secure the money they need to fulfill their missions. Creating a budget for fundraising can help an organization utilize available resources most effectively. Determining How Much Is Needed A first step in the budgeting process is calculating the amount of additional capital needed. Subtracting expected income [...]