Long-Term Care

Medicaid Planning for Long-Term Care

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Imagine you worked your entire life to pay off your mortgage and build a retirement fund and then your health failed to the extent that you needed to relocate to a nursing home. Due to lack of other programs and the costs, Medicaid has become the Long-Term Care planning tool for the middle class. Medicare [...]

Reasons to Have a Will

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Vicki Beckey, CPA, CFF, CSEP and head of TD&T’s estate department, provides some thoughts on understanding estate and gift tax issues Most people have probably heard advice from someone that they should have a will.  When pressed for reasons why, those giving the advice may have trouble coming up with something more than, “for tax [...]

How Well-prepared Are You For Long-Term Care?

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This quarter’s article by Kyle Merry, Tax Associate, and Joshua Buckingham, CPA, both of TD&T's Oskaloosa office, provides helpful information on considering long-term care insurance options.   If you’re like at least 75% of baby boomers, you’re not well-prepared to cover the costs of long-term care for yourself or your spouse.  One fourth of baby [...]