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Total Fit Boss Chick with Brentney Parks

Ask An Accountant About Processes in Business?

Do you constantly feel like you’re winging it as an entrepreneur? Lack of processes in your business creates roadblocks to reaching your potential success. Listen to Brentney and Courtney lay out the steps needed to develop systems and processes to help your business thrive.

In The Growth Space with David McGlennen

Overcoming Business Roadblocks for Growing Business Success

One key action business owners can take to overcome roadblocks in their business is to optimize their processes. David and Courtney discuss the roadblocks growth stage businesses commonly face and what you can do to overcome them as the business owner. This interview will lead you to ask yourself, “Do I have the right people doing the right jobs?”, “Do I have the right processes in place to prevent fraud?”, and “Is my business set up to run as efficiently as possible?”

We Are MNTR with Kevin Jennings

Grow What You Are Given

It’s challenging to work your way up within an organization. Listen to Courtney share her journey from entry-level employee right out of college to leading her firm as CEO and Managing Partner. Learn how to develop a strategy to grow within your organization and get to where you want to go.

The Virtual CPA Success Show with Jamie Nau and Jody Grunden

How Courtney Empowers Business Owners for Greater Financial Success

In this podcast interview, Courtney speaks with Jamie and Jody from Summit CPAs to discuss the similarities and differences between like-minded CPA firms. Learn about some of the strategies each firm uses to help their clients achieve financial success.

Pass the Secret Sauce with Matt Shields

Implementing EOS, Kolbe Assessment and More

Is your business clear on WHO you are, HOW you help, and WHERE you’re headed? Join Matt and Courtney to hear how TDT adopted a growth mindset, implemented EOS, and focused on staff personal and professional development to build an engaged and growing team.

Disruptive Successor with Jonathan Goldhill

The 5 Blind Spots of Leaders

Issues are sure to arrive for any leader whose business has already grown past the startup stage. Jonathan and Courtney discuss how to identify these challenges quickly, and necessary work to overcome them. With the right attitude towards coachability and a hunger for growth, businesses can overcome the challenges brought about by any economic uncertainty.

Successful Bookkeeper with Michael Palmer

What You Need to Know About Networking

Managing you energy is more important than managing your time. Michael and Courtney discuss the importance of networking, how to sustain connections and relationships when working virtually, and ways to deal with burnout as a business leader.

The Scope of Practice with Brent Lacey

Taxes, Cash Flow, and Other Blind Spots That are Killing Your Business

“Healthy things grow and growing things change. When in a growing business, we have to expect and look forward to change.” Brent and Courtney discuss the inevitable blind spots that physicians, dentists, and other practitioners face. Whether you just started your practice, are in a stage of rapid growth, or are getting ready to pass onto a new owner, it’s important to identify those blind spots and overcome them.

Hello Iowa – August Segment

How to Establish Routines to Avoid Burnout

There’s a reason you have your best ideas in the shower… ROUTINE. Establishing routines throughout your day frees up your mind for energy to do other things. Managing your energy by creating more routine in your day, is one of the ways Courtney shares to avoid burnout. Check out her segment from Hello Iowa to learn more about avoiding burnout.

Cracking The Cash Flow Code with Josh Patrick

Process Improvement Through Dashboards

“Without a dashboard process improvement becomes impossible.” Listen to Josh and Courtney talk about the importance of learning what a dashboard is, how you use it and how a great dashboard will lead to process improvement in your business.

Hello Iowa – July Segment

Avoid Burnout by Setting Boundaries

Do you let your work flow into your family time or are you being deliberate with your time for rest and rejuvenation? If you can be intentional with where you spend your time, you can avoid burnout in your everyday life! Check out Courtney’s July Hello Iowa segment on avoiding burnout by setting firm boundaries.

Nurture Small Business with Denise Cagan

Leading & Lagging Metrics: How to Make Sense of the Data

What does it mean to be a forward-thinking business? Courtney discusses how to use your data to forecast, plan for your future, and potentially save hundreds of thousands of dollars on the podcast episode.

Influential Entrepreneurs with Mike Saunders

Change Your Future Results by Utilizing KPIs

Are you spending all your time fighting fires in your business rather than preventing them? You’re not alone. Courtney was on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast and discusses how utilizing leading indicators and how to measure and monitor them to change your future results.

Nonprofit Architect Podcast with Travis Johnson

5 Blind Spots Growing Organizations Often Encounter

“If someone comes to you as a donor and offers you money with restrictions, you can decline their donation.” Host Travis and Courtney discuss the 5 blind spots growing organizations often encounter during times of growth.

Hello Iowa – June Segment

Establishing Priorities to Avoid Burnout

“You can do anything, but you can’t do everything…” Courtney visited Hello Iowa in June to discuss establishing priorities to help avoid burnout in your business and your every day life.

Hello Iowa – May Segment

3 Common Myths of Small Business Success

New business applications ticked up at the end of 2020 and into 2021. That’s great news for our communities and our economies! Check out Courtney DeRonde on May’s Hello Iowa segment where she busts 3 common myths around small business success.

Small Business Connections with Ann Brennan

Maximize Your Business

As you hit your stride in growing your business, it’s normal to be surprised by the new challenges that arise out of nowhere. We call these “blind spots” that are common as companies grow and scale. In the latest episode of Ann’s Social Media & Marketing’s Small Business Connections Show, Courtney discusses the 5 common blind spots of growing businesses and what you can do about it.

The Upstream Leader Podcast with Jeremy Clopton and Heath Alloway

Recharging Energy in an “Always On” Profession

Jeremy and Courtney discuss the importance of energy management and its profound effect on productivity. Courtney deconstructs the billable hours phenomenon and discusses the difference between time or project management, and energy management. In addition to her own expertise, Courtney shares the best sources for more information so that leaders can make positive, impactful changes in their practices.

Hello Iowa – April Segment

Choosing the Best Credit Card For You

Are you leaving money on the table? It can be overwhelming to evaluate all the credit card reward programs available and knowing what is the best for your business. Courtney visited Hello Iowa in April to discuss the Credit Card Rewards Analysis and how to make sure you’re getting the most from your program.

Tech Talk For Accountants with Andrew Lassise

Three Things that PPP Taught Us About Business

PPP taught us a lot about business over the last year.  On this episode, Andrew and Courtney discuss the 3 things that PPP taught us about business.

Expert Authority Effect with Mario Fachini

Mastering Money To Drive Growth In Your Organization

Know the importance of finance to businesses. Check out Courtney on the Expert Authority podcast where they discuss mastering your financials to drive growth in your organization.

Profit Is A Choice with Michele Williams

5 Mistakes to Avoid when Scaling Your Interior Design Firm

Owning every choice in your business is not for the faint of heart. Courtney shares with the 5 blindspots of a growing and scaling company. If we ignore these blindspots, issues will certainly arise. Courtney offers actionable ways we can recognize the blindspots and do something about them in advance.

Hello Iowa – March Segment

Find the Best Method To Do Your Taxes

What questions do you need to ask when choosing the best way to do your taxes? Courtney discusses those key questions to ask on March’s segment of Hello Iowa.

Growth Amplifiers with Kenny Harper

5 Blind Spots That Could Be Limiting Your Business

“If someone wouldn’t pay you to do the things you’re doing in your business (HR, marketing, payroll), maybe your business shouldn’t be paying you to do them either.” In this session, Courtney shares 5 commonly overlooked blindspots that could be limiting your business growth. If you have blindspots holding you back that you’re not addressing, you could end up working really hard and getting no where fast.

Hello Iowa – February Segment

How to Start Your Own Small Business

Where do you begin when starting your own business? Courtney discusses the best place to start and where to find great resources to get started on February’s segment of Hello Iowa.

Greater Des Moines Partnership Webinar

5 Financial Blind Spots of Growing Businesses

As your business grows and scales, there are blind spots that sneak up on you. Things were going well in your business; you were cruising along, enjoying the growth and profitability and then … BAM! New problems and opportunities seemingly come out of nowhere. Just when you think you’ve figured out how to navigate one stage, the growth and scale you’ve worked so hard to achieve results in a whole new set of challenges you didn’t anticipate. Blind spots.

The Practice Growth Podcast with Shawn Terrell

5 Blind Spots Most Often Encountered By Practice Owners

When an owner dentist starts his or her practice, they often wear many hats. Not only do owners have to practice great dentistry, but they may also have to handle accounting, inventory, and human resources. Listen Courtney and Shawn discuss five blind spots most often encountered by practice owners, how a mindset shift can help owners see outsourcing duties as something besides another overhead expense, and how a CPA relationship beyond just tax planning may be critical for growth and scale.

Hello Iowa – January Segment

5 Things To Know Before Starting a Business

Thinking about starting your own business? Courtney DeRonde visited Hello Iowa in January to talk about the Top 3 Things to Know Before Starting a Business.

Survive and Thrive With John Meese

The Importance of Accurate Timely Financial Information

Courtney shares the best practices to be financially successful coming out of the pandemic. She gives us tips on using your data to build a plan for scaling your business. Courtney also speaks about taking the time to focus on what is doing well and what your customers need can really boost your business.

Service Business Mastery Podcast with Tersh Blissett

3 Things To Focus On In An Uncertain Economy

“Cashflow problems are just a symptom of a bigger issue” In this episode of Service Business Mastery Podcast, Tersh and Courtney discuss the top 3 things to be focusing on during economic uncertainty.

Hello Iowa – December Segment

3 Tips to Avoid Failure When Starting Your Small Business

Have you ever thought about starting your own business, but are afraid of small business failure? On December’s segment of Hello Iowa, Courtney discusses 3 tips to avoid small business failure.

Mission Matters Money with Adam Torres

What To Prioritize In An Uncertain Economy

Business owners are faced with many decisions throughout the day. But how many are effective at prioritization during a sometimes shaky economy? In this episode, Adam and Courtney explore what business owners should consider during the current economic environment.

Next In Nonprofits With Steve Boland

Why Your Accounting Software Should Integrate With Other Systems

Steve and Courtney talk about integrating accounting software like Quickbooks with outside systems (specifically donor relationship management software), using that information to monitor cash flow or forward projections, accounting for pledges in accounting software, and much more!

The Small Business Show With Shannon Jean & Dave Hamilton

Managing Your Accounting And Cash Flow For Business Success

“If you want to pay zero tax, don’t make any money.” Shannon, Dave, and Courtney discuss why to managing your accounting and cash flow is critically important to make your business successful and to keep it healthy. Tune in to also learn the importance of choosing the right CPA and advisor, who can help small business owners achieve better results and take their company to the next level.

Hello Iowa – October Segment

How To Overcome Economic Uncertainty By Projecting Your Cash Flow

Courtney visited Hello Iowa in October to discuss how to overcome the current economic uncertainty by projecting your cash flow. Learn what you can focus on right now, and how to get more information on how to set yourself up for success.

Hello Iowa – September Segment

How To Prioritize Issues During Economic Uncertainty

In September’s segment of Hello Iowa, Courtney DeRonde discusses the economic uncertainty we’re all facing and what to prioritize NOW.