The value of your business is key during times of mergers, shareholder transitions, business acquisitions, divorce proceedings and resolving disputes involving liability. Receiving an objective value for your business can mean all the difference during such unpredictable circumstances.

At TDT, Business Valuation is one of our core service offerings. We have dedicated and certified professionals valuing your business as their full-time focus.  Accredited in Business Valuation®, we look at the process of valuing a business as more of an art than a science. We take the time upfront with our clients to ask questions and understand the purpose of the valuation, which is key to developing an opinion of value that is matched to the facts.

Our team approach incorporates multiple perspectives into the valuation of your business, which ultimately means a better product. The final product is based on judgment, experience, and relevant information.

Our professionals are aware of the local and regional economy and marketplace in Iowa and Illinois. We have worked with many closely held businesses and their owners and beneficiaries and are able to provide a valuable and high-quality product that best suits their needs.

We provide a full range of business valuation  and forensic reports:

  • Business Valuation Report

  • Calculation of Value Report

  • Forensic Accounting Report

  • Merger/Acquisition/Succession Planning Report

  • Forensic Accounting Report of Economic Damages

  • Forensic Accounting Report of Investigation of Hidden Assets/Income

  • Expert Witness Report on Income Tax Examination Issue

  • Expert Witness Report on Economic Damages

  • Expert Witness Report on Rebuttal of Opposing Expert

  • Expert Witness Report on Support Modification